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How to choose bedroom LED energy-saving lamps

The bedroom led energy-saving lamp has become a must-have in the bedroom. There are many bedroom lamps on the market today. Many people do not know where to start when choosing lamps for their bedroom space, especially the various lighting lamps on the market. Next, let Lai Yi take you to understand how to choose the LED energy-saving lamps in the next bedroom and what are the types of bedroom lamps. I hope it will help you.


How to choose the bedroom LED energy-saving lamp:

1. Power:

The first thing to look at in a bedroom LED energy-saving lamp is the power on the LED energy-saving lamp. The size of the power directly affects its own life. Generally speaking, the greater the power, the longer the use time compared to other power, but it also Not that the higher the better, the key depends on the installation environment. Generally, the suitable power range is between 8 watts and 20 watts. Such power can basically meet the lighting of the bedroom.

2. Color temperature:

The color temperature of the LED eye protection lamp is also one of the criteria for judging its quality. However, the color temperature of energy-saving lamps that are more suitable for people is generally between 4000K and 5000K, which is more suitable for primary and secondary school students. If the color temperature is high, it will be white and will be dazzling; If the color temperature is low, there will be a reddish phenomenon, which will also affect the normal use of the user.

3. Material:

Another tip for buying LED energy-saving lamps is to look at the material material, which is also one of the factors that affect its service life. Currently, the materials on the market are mainly non-toxic and harmless materials, so when you choose, you can smell A smell of odor on the lamp.


The above is a brief introduction on how to choose the bedroom LED energy-saving lamps. I believe that after the above introduction, everyone will have a further understanding and understanding of the selection of bedroom LED energy-saving lamps. There are many types of lamps on the market today, which is suitable for bedroom lighting. What are the common types of lamps? Let's take a look at the following detailed introduction:

What are the types of bedroom lamps:

1. Quiet and comfortable type:

This is the main trend of contemporary bedroom lighting, and there are a variety of schemes: you can choose a simple style ceiling lamp, which emits milky white light, which reflects the light wall of the bedroom, and is pure; you can use light eaves lighting to make the light pass through the ceiling Or the walls are reflected, very soft and pleasant.

2. Luxurious style:

This is a bedroom lighting design that shows the owner's financial strength and identity. It uses high-end materials and high-end lighting to match the luxurious interior layout. For example, with golden candle lighting and Baroque furniture, it can show the French court weather, glorious and brilliant, if The use of high-quality mahogany lamps with meticulous workmanship, exquisite materials and exquisite modeling, coupled with simple mahogany furniture, is extraordinary and shows the owner's strong national sentiment and economic strength.

3. Modern avant-garde type:

Pursuing freedom and freedom, it is a mixture of geometric figures and lines. During the design process, the wall lamps on the wall can be triangular, diamond, or irregular; the table lamps on the table can be semi-circular, straight lines; Spotlights have ribs, corners, black and white; the floor lamp stretches out its arms like flying birds, everything looks simple and chic, giving people surprise and surprise, coupled with simple bedroom furniture, showing the ingenious fun of modern people pursue.


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