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What is the difference between a downlight and a spotlight? How to install a spotlight

Lamps and lanterns are an extremely important part of the home improvement process, and the choice of lamps and lanterns has become more and more important. Downlights and spotlights are two types of lamps that we often choose during the decoration process. Both downlights and spotlights are mainly used to assist The effect of lighting has greatly improved the overall decoration effect of the home, but many people do not particularly understand the difference between downlights and spotlights. What is the difference between downlights and spotlights? How to install spotlights? Let's get to know it together.


What is the difference between downlight and spotlight:

1. The definition of downlight and spotlight is different:

1. Downlight:

Downlight is a kind of lighting fixture embedded in the ceiling, and its biggest feature is that it can maintain the overall unity and perfection of architectural decoration, and will not destroy the perfect unity of the ceiling art because of the setting of the light fixture. The downlight does not occupy Space can increase the soft atmosphere of the space, if you want to create a warm feeling, you can try to install multiple downlights.

2. Spotlight:

The decoration of the spotlights has the effect of adjusting the atmosphere, and the colors are diverse and rich. When the general family wants to decorate the spotlights, the concealed installation method is used. The so-called concealed installation is to bury the power cord in the wall and the lamps are decorated in rows. Well, form a line, called a light strip. Compared with the light of a downlight, the spotlight line is softer and suitable for local decoration, such as being installed on a TV wall or aisle.

Second, the difference between downlights and spotlights:

1. Light effect requirements:

The energy-saving lamp is used inside the downlight. The color is white and yellow. The diffuse light source is not focused and has a low temperature. It is an auxiliary lamp, so it is mainly based on lighting. The angle of the light source cannot be adjusted. It is generally used. In the aisle, the circumference of the bedroom and the circumference of the living room, there are two kinds of spotlights used in home decoration: built-in spotlights and exposed spotlights. They are generally used in the living room, bedroom, TV background wall, wine cabinet, shoe cabinet, etc. .

2. Price:

From the perspective of price, the spotlight is more expensive. Generally speaking, the domestic downlight spotlight brands with better quality include Op, Sanxiong. Aurora, NVC, Songye, Sanli, among which NVC and Sanxiong. Aurora, pine The industry has the best price-performance ratio. Downlights generally have three types: large (5 inch), medium (4 inch), and small (2.5 inch). The current market price of the trumpet is between 25-15 yuan and the medium is 28-32 yuan. The large size is between 36-48 yuan. Of course, the above price does not include the light source. The downlight has two types of horizontal insertion and vertical insertion. The horizontal insertion price is a little more expensive than the vertical insertion (the same material).

3. Light source:

From the light source, the downlight can be installed with incandescent bulbs or energy-saving lamps. When installing an incandescent lamp, it is yellow light. When installing an energy-saving lamp, the type of light bulb can be white or yellow light. Because there are many downlights in the home, consider that Energy-saving problems, energy-saving lamps are generally installed inside the downlights. There are mini-type energy-saving lamps for downlights on the market. There are two types of energy-saving lamps: 2U tubes and spiral tubes. The wattage types are 3 watts, 5 watts, and 7 watts. , 9 watts of four kinds, in addition, the downlight is fixed, its light source direction can not be adjusted, and the light source direction of the spotlight can be changed.

4. Ceiling opening:

The opening size of home downlights is generally 2 inches, 2.5 inches, 3 inches. The larger the opening size, the higher the overall height of the downlight, the greater the depth of your ceiling requirements. In general, downlights After fully stretched, the height is between 10 cm and 13 cm, so the depth of the ceiling of the ceiling where the downlight is installed is generally more than 13 cm. If the ceiling is too shallow, you can consider installing a ceiling spotlight or a horizontal downlight. The lamp installation ceiling needs only 6 to 8 cm.

5. Risk:

Generally speaking, downlights are safer than spotlights. In general, spotlights cannot be used to illuminate woolen fabrics at close range, nor can there be flammable obstacles at close range, otherwise it is easy to cause fire, and downlights will not have too much in this regard. Considerations.


The above is a brief introduction about the difference between downlights and spotlights. I believe that after the above introduction, everyone will have a further understanding and understanding of downlights and spotlights. Of course, the installation of home improvement spotlights is also particular about spotlights. How to install it? Let's take a look at the following detailed introduction:

How to install spotlights:

1. Installation steps of spotlight:

1. Plan to reserve spotlight location:

Different from the installation methods of chandeliers and ceiling lamps, spotlights are generally embedded installation. Consider the installation location clearly during decoration design. Reserve lines when decorating ceilings and walls to allow decoration workers to make holes in the ceiling. Leave the spotlight empty slot.

2. Spotlight connection:

Install the base in the spotlight slot, pull out the wire, attach the fixing screw, connect the wire end, and do not forget the insulation treatment, and finally install the spotlight part.

2. Points for attention when installing spotlights:

1. Pay attention to the need to install a transformer in the spotlight circuit:

Although spotlights save energy, have high brightness, and have strong decorative effects, they also have shortcomings that cannot be ignored, that is, the voltage is unstable and easy to explode. Therefore, when installing spotlights, a transformer must be installed to effectively prevent explosion.

2. Pay attention to the proper amount of spotlight installation:

The selection of lamps and lights must be appropriate, especially spotlights. If you pursue the number of spotlights blindly, it will form light pollution and it is difficult to achieve the ideal decorative effect. At the same time, excessive placement of spotlights is more likely to cause Fire hazard.


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